Field Interviewer

Job Description: Field Interviewer

Reports to: VP of Finance and Operations, Tipping Point Communications

Job Responsibilities:

  • Conduct Field Interviews
    • Conduct face to face surveys with target populations at various places including businesses, stores, gyms, bus routes, and sporting venues.
    • Conduct intercept studies by engaging with target individuals in public locations and asking them to complete a survey.
    • Occasional phone interviews to ask questions and complete surveys
    • Accurately record answers using a specially designed computer program which will lead you through the survey
    • Keep information gathered/learned during the interview process confidential
    • Maintain focus on interview work at-hand – No selling or fundraising
    • Have flexibility to be available when interviews are required; usually during the day or on weekends (with occasional evening hours), as determined by the project, location, and target audience
      • Note: Schedule and amount of work will depend on assignment

Performance Expectations:

  • Requirements
    • Self-motivated, reliable, trustworthy
    • Clear speaking voice
    • Bilingual a plus
    • Professional appearance
    • Ability to work independently as well as in a team
    • Typing proficiency and familiarity with computers, smartphone and tablet technology
    • Previous interviewing, telemarketing/sales, or customer service experience
  • Prompt and Consistent Attendance
    • Attend all training
    • Be on time for all assignments
  • Flexibility
    • This is a part-time, hourly position
    • Given the nature of Field Interviews, assignments are on an as needed basis. Some months there may be 20 hours or less a week, some months there will be no assignments
  • Time Management
    • Complete interviews with confidence and at an efficient and productive pace while maintaining quality standards
    • Other Requirements
    • Given the nature of our work, Interviewers must maintain a current driver’s license, have reliable transportation, and provide proof of auto liability insurance
    • Have a working phone number
    • Have the ability to carry a laptop computer or tablet, survey documents, and supplies
    • Note: Interviewers are reimbursed for all approved expenses such as mileage

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