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The team at Tipping Point Communications is experienced at navigating the growing and rapidly evolving world of digital marketing and online advertising. Through experience and innovation, we present cutting-edge and results-based solutions that exceed our clients’ objectives. We are careful to assess the opportunities and limitations of new technologies, and thoughtfully balance the media mix. We hold ourselves accountable for results, providing comprehensive reporting with expert analysis and proven optimization techniques that demonstrate the results of your digital initiatives.


Digital Marketing Insights

Online marketing covers an ever-increasing set of topics, technologies and tactics. Our team works hard to stay ahead of the curve and keep our clients informed about coming changes and trends that will effect their efforts. Below is a list of articles, blog posts and other items we have created to assist our clients, partners and the larger advertising and marketing community.

Pixel Placement 101
Tracking pixels are a vital part of digital campaigns. They can be used to count conversions, conduct ad remarketing and build audience data. Learn more about the importance of placing pixels on your site.

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