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Inbound Marketing is about providing great content that your customers need, when and where they need it, turning them into qualified leads for your business. It begins with identifying your ideal audience, or buyer persona and research how they consume information. By leveraging your organization’s expertise, and creating content that highlights it, you can attract your ideal customer,and drive traffic to your website.

A customer’s decision cycle is crucial to understand for any marketer. The path to purchase – from awareness to consideration and finally decision – can be nurtured by an inbound marketing strategy that provides helpful content at each stage, attracting your buyer personas, and cultivating your leads into customers.

We work with your team to understand your organization’s current sales approach and pipeline. We then assess existing opportunities for improvements to your website and create a comprehensive strategy to drive inbound leads and convert them into customers.

Through web content, blogging, landing pages, compelling calls-to-action, on-page SEO optimizations, email marketing, and social media, we’ll gain intelligence about what your potential customers want and effectively promote your business and services.

Check out our recent feature in the Rochester Business Journal  and contact us today to learn more about how smart content marketing drives sales.

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  Content Marketing Featured Client

“We continue to do business with Tipping Point because of their experience in tourism and entertainment marketing,” said Glenn Dobbin, Partner and CEO of DDM Entertainment & Events. “They are truly a partner of DDM. We feel they have our company’s growth in mind, not just their piece of the puzzle. Their success can be attributed to their desire to try new things and their combination approach of data and creativity. Their approach has been very integrated, aligning all tactical efforts and content strategy to fit with our sales funnel and our customer’s journey. The strategy is very transparent and ROI is clearly measured”