Search Engine Marketing (SEM)

Ranking high organically in website searches is a great way to drive traffic to your site and generate sales leads and new business. But it’s impossible to show up for all of possible searches, and even when your site does rank high, competitors may have pay per click (PPC) ads that appear above your free listing.

In many cases it’s necessary to implement a search engine marketing (SEM), or paid search strategy. SEM gives marketers the ability to appear in search results related to all of the services and products they offer. By bidding on popular terms, paid search allows marketers to guarantee they’ll show up in the most relevant searches and ultimately garner more website visits.

Tipping Point Communications is a Google Adwords-Certified Partner Agency. Our team is well versed in the many tools available to marketers, enabling us to not only set up the best campaigns for our clients, but also make adjustments throughout the campaign in order to achieve optimal results Certified Google Partner SEM PPC Agency

We provide the overall strategy, keyword research, ad copy recommendations, reporting, and analysis necessary to achieve positive ROI. We focus on results that impact your bottom line, digging deep into analytics beyond the initial click. Our reporting is insightful, useful, and transparent.

And we keep in mind where your audiences are coming from. Today, users searching with their smartphones are on-the-go and ready to take action. In fact, 40% of all searches performed on a mobile device have local intent. Our SEM approach always considers the relevance of mobile search to achieving your objectives.

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