Social Media Marketing

Start the right conversations.

Let the conversation begin. There’s a lot more to social media than Facebook and Twitter. Tipping Point can help you navigate the array of opportunities in social and focus on the best opportunities that support your business goals.

Centered around conversation, there are 5 core marketing strategies for strong social media marketing:

Listening to conversations:

Monitoring the social graph to understand what’s being said, where to participate and how to best engage your audiences.

Starting Conversations:

Advertising your message within the social space.

Facilitating Conversations:

Creating a digital presence for your message to be heard

Participating in conversations:

Tweeting, posting on Facebook, answering questions, etc.

Engaging in Conversations:

Social promotions that engage your social audiences to take the next step an establish a direct connection with your business

Social media is a key component of audience immersion. That’s why our PR, media buying, and media planning solutions extend to include social media marketing. Not only can our team help you build a community, we can also help you find a larger audience by leveraging your PR strategies and messages and utilizing select advertising tools across social media platforms.

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